Kyle Perry

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Problem solving in the network era

The way we solve problems has changed.

Who wrote that song? When was the last time the Royals made it to the World Series?

The answer comes from the fastest draw to Google. No longer does the answer come from that one person who is never-ending source of irrelevant facts. Information is plentiful and easily accessible.

Thanks to the internet, the value of solving problems has shifted to those with the social capital to make progress happen. The ability to solve problems is no longer centered on those holding knowledge, experience, or wisdom. New world problem solvers strike a unique balance of intense focus and interpersonal wherewithal to find the right people at the right time and bring them together for a common goal. They are motivators, influencers, question-askers, and thought-provokers.

Modern day problem solvers know where to find information and, more importantly, the people to put that information to use. And these people aren’t encyclopedias or computers. They are dynamic, innovative, entrepreneurial, spirited, inquisitive folks that would rather do work than talk about it. Yet, they can’t stop talking about it and they draw others in with their energy when they do.